Membership Support Group

for people enrolled in the

Stress Elimination System

Being part of a support group can be the most helpful thing you do to support your stress elimination efforts. 


*It Inspires you to Keep Going

*It Connects you with Other People through this Process

*It Provides you with Wingmen: people who can see your situation more clearly than you can 


In addition to the support group, the membership also provides you with:

  • A MONTHLY live video call (you can just use audio if you want) to hash out any difficulties you are having and to ensure that you consistently move forward.

  • Helpful resources and tools that would have been too overwhelming to take in had I presented them all in the course.  Now you will have the time to understand which tools you connect with, and you can feel excited about using them.

  • Periodic mini-courses that delve into some of the more difficult Below the Line Focuses that people struggle with.

  • Periodic online and live retreats that are only available to members.

  • One-on-one consulting that is only available to members. I do not offer consulting to the general public.

This membership group is ONLY available to people who are taking the Stress Elimination System so we are all speaking the same Above the Line language.  I’ll facilitate effective, productive communication that produces real results.

*One unique feature of this group is that you have the option of keeping your identity ANONYMOUS. This way you can be as honest as possible while keeping your private life private if you choose to.


This membership is a stepping stone for you to be completely independent at eliminating your own stress. As soon as you feel like you are ready, you can leave the group.  However, staying to help others and share your success strategies can be a very rewarding way to contribute to other peoples’ wellbeing.
Don’t try to go on this journey alone because it’s just harder and takes longer. Join the group and receive the support that will help you Create Your Own Luck.
“Luck isn’t a game of chance. It is a product of creation.”

Bronwen has a real talent for helping me drill down to what’s at the heart of my challenge and leading me to my best next steps.” – W.E.

Bronwen has the unique ability to ask questions that lead me to discover what I truly want and create a plan to make it a reality.” – G.B.